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Total Rewrite EP 02 – Friday The 13th




In this episode, we discuss Friday the 13th. This episode was originally conducted for a planned second podcast of mine, ‘Total Rewrite.’

Friday the 13th is one of my favorite series in horror and thus far there was a scrapped pilot and another reboot of the franchise that was supposed to be out this year.

So how would my co host Cloar and I totally rewrite this if offered the chance? Cloar goes in a much more satirical comedy/horror route ala Tucker and Dale vs Evil which is something completely different while I went with a horror/action in the vein of the original Predator.

Also for listeners of the Dave Bullis Podcast I had Victor Miller, writer of the original Friday the 13th on to discuss writing, filmmaking, and how Friday the 13th has grown over the years. Listen that here if you’re interested.

Which total rewritten version of, Friday the 13th, do you like better? Tell me below. Thanks for listening!



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