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Episode 175 – Jeff Willis (Screenwriting & Script Consultants)

Jeff Willis has worked in production, development, and business affairs for companies both large and small, including Marvel, The Weinstein Company, Beacon Pictures, and a few startups in between.

Jeff sold his first feature, The Right Girl (written with Bob Saenz), in 2012, which was released on the PixL Movie Channel in November 2015.

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You’re Doing Crowdfunding Wrong – Stop Spamming Me


A few years ago…

I crowdfunded for a project of mine. This was during the early phases of crowdfunding when no one had heard of Kickstarter.



it seems that everyone has a crowdfunding campaign and because of my podcast and presence on Twitter, I get bombarded with spam emails/tweets all the time from people who’ve launched crowdfunding campaigns. Now I’ve donated to a lot of campaigns (157 on Kickstarter, 121 on IGG, and a few on the others) but yet I’ve never donated to any of these spammy campaigns.


What’s the difference between Span and Promotion?

Sales are about relationships. When I’m walking down the street in NY, there are people that panhandle some in a nice way, some in an overtly aggressive way (fake monks I’m looking at you).
The panhandlers can tell where you’re from within one second. How? For every second of time you give them, that equals 50 miles away from NY you live. Give them 5 seconds, they know you live 250 miles away from NY.

My point is that New Yorkers tune these people out because they know they’re trying to sell them something. So stop trying to sell and instead build a relationship.

Twitter Spammers



Spammer #1 – The Stream of Conscious Guy. They have no idea how to use Twitter and aren’t talking to anyone in particular.


Take Away: Don’t use Twitter to complain about your life especially when you’re trying to raise funds. And also who would want to go to Florida with a guy like this?

Spammer #2 – The person who tweets the same message and campaign URL to everyone with no intro or even a simple, ‘Hello’.




What to take away: Whenever I get one of these messages, I click the person’s profile and their stream is all the same spam.  Never just message people out of the blue. Nobody will donate that way. Listen to Uncle Leo and at least say, “Hello”.



Instead build an audience instead…BEFORE you launch.

Think of it like this. If you were going to go to war, you’d want to have an army, right? Start your campaign 12 weeks out. Build a team. Build a following. Build a message. Tell your story.

Anything is better than the above examples.


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