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Episode 171 – Danny Mac (Unprofessional Wrestling – Making Heel Kick)



Danny Mac is a Canadian filmmaker & actor. His latest film, Heel Kick is in select screenings and festivals Summer 2017.

Heel Kick: A “documentary” that chronicles the journey of two wannabe pro-wrestlers, Reggie (Danny Mac) and Maurice (Chris Wilcox). Despite lacking any trace of athleticism, intelligence or drive, these backyard wrestlers are certain they’ll become the next big thing in the business – no matter how many years they waste boozing or mooching off their parents.

Pre Show Notes

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Show Notes

This Is Spinal Tap –  is a 1984 American rock music mockumentary comedy film directed, co-written, scored by, and starring Rob Reiner, and co-starring Christopher Guest, Michael McKean and Harry Shearer. The film portrays the fictional British heavy metal band Spinal Tap. The film satirizes the wild personal behavior and musical pretensions of hard rock and heavy metal bands, as well as the hagiographic tendencies of rock documentaries of the time.

— Backyard Wrestling – is a controversial, underground hobby and sport involving predominantly 11–30-year-old males in usually untrained practices of professional-style wrestling, typically in a low budget environment.

— ECCW – Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling. The Pacific Northwest’s premiere indie wrestling federation.




Danny Mac

Heel Kick

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Episode 169 – Matthew T Burns (aka ‘Sick’ Nick Mondo) – From Pro Wrestler to Filmmaker

Matthew T Burns aka ‘Sick’ Nick Mondo has wrestled all over the globe since he debuted and since retiring has turned into a full time filmmaker.

We chat getting into trouble in high school for designing his senior yearbook cover,  to entering pro wrestler, turning into a hardcore wrestler, what caused him to retire, his employee movie picks while working at Blockbuster video,  his new film, ‘The Trade’, and tons more.


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King Kong Bundy – an American professional wrestler, stand-up comedian and actor.

Combat Zone Wrestling – an American independent wrestling promotion.

Tournament of Death 2 – Matt’s last professional wrestling event. He retired after sustaining injuries from a jump off the top Rack’s Bar and Billiards through light-tube covered tables.

Behind Enemy Lines 4: Columbia –  Colombia is in chaos, caught in a bitter war between its government and insurgent guerrillas. A team of U.S. Navy SEALS is sent on a secret mission to observe a meeting between the factions and ensure peace is the end result. But when the meeting is attacked and the leaders of both sides are murdered, the SEALS are framed for the assault. Abandoned by their own government and trapped behind enemy lines, the group must survive long enough to find evidence of their innocence and prevent the brutal war from spilling over the border.

Ken Anderson – an American professional wrestler and actor.

Matt Hardy –  an American professional wrestler and professional wrestling promoter currently signed to WWE on the Raw brand.

Backyard Wrestling 2 : There Goes the Neighborhood – Backyard Wrestling 2: There Goes the Neighborhood is the second installment in the Backyard Wrestling series and was released on PlayStation 2 and Xbox in 2004.




Matthew T Burns 



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