EP 73 – Scott Dikkers


Scott Dikkers founded the world’s first humor website, TheOnion.com, in 1995. A few years earlier he helped found the original Onion newspaper. He’s served as The Onion’s owner and editor-in-chief, on and off, for much of the last quarter century. Scott is also the Author of the book,’ How to Write Funny‘, which is the basis of the Writing with The Onion program he created and  teaches at The Second City Training Center in Chicago. Scott has also written and directed several award-winning short films, and two feature films, Spaceman, and Bad Meat. He also hosts his own podcast,’ The Comedy Insider Podcast’.

We talk writing comedy, the problem(s) with making comedy today, and what makes things funny amongst a ton of other stuff.







Day 1 – My Obituary

As an exercise to both help the class get to know each other better and to start the writing process we’re asked to write our own obituary. (This writing exercise will not be in the book as it’s just for laughs).

Local Hooligan Dies

David Alan Bullis Jr died Sunday Sept 6th at the age of 31. He died as he lived…hunted by cyborgs.

Dave worked a dead end job as a multi media specialist at a small University outside of Philadelphia, PA. He never won the Nicholl Fellowship or Academy Award like he had wanted to but still managed to some notoriety. Starting in 2008, Dave began to move into filmmaking. Armed with a ninety nine dollar digital camcorder, and the book, ‘Rebel Without a Crew’ by Robert Rodriguez, made his student film. He was the first person to shoot at the new soundstage, Sun Center Studios, as he shot his TV pilot, ‘Game Over’ and managed to work with NFL Films. A few years later, Dave started a screenwriting group and started his own film production company, ‘Iron Fist Films’, and his own podcast, ‘The Dave Bullis Podcast’. He recently began working with noted screenwriting mentor, Bill Boyle.

He’s survived by his Father, David Alan Bullis Sr, a security guard, and his Mother, Nancy Bullis, a professional pain in the ass.
Funeral services will be held in Aston, PA (don’t feel bad almost the entire population of Earth has no idea where Aston, PA is).

30 Stories in 30 Days: An Intro

From September 6th til October 4th I’m participating in an online class, ’30 Stories in 30 Days.’

Every day I’ll be posting a new story and I would like anyone who cares to read any of the stories to give me any feedback. After this class is over I’ll be editing the best stories and then compile them into a Kindle ebook which I hope to retail for $3.99 in October.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy at LEAST one of the stories I’ll be writing.


Episode 68 – Jeremy Michael Cohen

Jeremy Michael Cohen is a writer, director, and producer of films and other moving images. He has produced and 1st A.D.ed millions of dollars of content, including seven feature films and  commercials for major brands, including Honda, Scion, and Reebok. His current project is a micro-budget feature film, Yinz, that Jeremy will direct. Yinz will be shot in Western Pennsylvania during winter 2015-2016.

Show Notes
Crowdfunding Articles
Crowdfunding Campaigns
Movies & Other helpful links
Jeremy Michael Cohen 
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Episode 65 – Patrick Epino


Patrick Epino is an actor and producer, known for Void (2005), Mr. Sadman (2009) and Awesome Asian Bad Guys (2014)Epino is a graduate of the University of Chicago and earned his MFA in Cinema from the film program at San Francisco State University.
Show Notes

– Pixel (trailer) 

Patrick Epino
– Twitter
Milton Liu
– Twitter
Stephen Dypianco
Awesome Asian Bad Guys
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Episode 61 – Marc V Price (Part I)

Marc V Price is a producer and writer, known for Colin (2008), Magpie (2013), and Way of the Monkey’s Claw (2015). 
Show Notes
– The Nail: The Story of Joey Nardone (this is the movie Dave was a featured background actor and was pushed down in a barfight. The scene didn’t make the final cut).
– Sean Baker’s film, Tangerine, which was shot entirely with an iPhone.
– Sean Baker’s episode on The Dave Bullis Podcast, Ep 37.
Marc V Price
– Twitter
Dave Bullis
– Twitter
– Youtube

Episode 60 – Danny Draven


Danny Draven is an award-winning writer, director and producer of genre films. After receiving his film degree from Emerson College, he moved to Hollywood and has edited over 80 feature films, including films for Lionsgate, NBC Universal’s Chiller TV and the SyFy Channel. He is also the author of three published books on genre filmmaking including The Filmmakers Book of the Dead.
Show Notes:
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3. Stitcher
– Roger Corman’s book on filmmaking, “How I Made a Hundred Movies and Never Lost a Dime
– Danny Draven’s book, ‘Filmmaker’s Book of the Dead‘ (1st Edition)
– Danny Draven’s book,’ Filmmaker’s Book of the Dead’ (2nd Edition) *Due out December 16th,2015.

Episode 56 – Guy Patton

Guy Patton is a Philly native now living in NJ. Guy and his wife, Dana, recently made the film, ‘Pearl’, for $15,000. Pearl has been picked up by Indican Pictures for an international release and on demand.
Show notes
– DV Rebels’ Guide by Stu Maschwitz
– – The short film, Plot Device. (This is the short film I couldn’t think of the name of during the show).
Guy Patton
Dave Bullis

Lets get this started…

Finally my site has been redone for the third time. I feel the site now has a cleaner and much more navigable look.

Anyways what I’ve been up to, I’m currently taking a course via the Smithsonian about comic book creation. The course is taught by Dr. Michael Uslan and Stan Lee. At the end of the course we have to turn in a superhero & villian sketch and story, which I will also end up posting here.

Speaking of graphic novels, I’m also working on issue #3 of a side project based on the comedy of the Big 3, which I will also end up posting here.

I’m hoping to film something this summer… whether I’m able to turn it into a feature or short film or trailer…I’m not sure. Over the course of the next month I would like to revisit a lot of old projects and post what I can to Youtube. So far I’ve posted, CHARLIE, a conceptual trailer I produced.

If you haven’t please subscribe to my podcast on either iTunes and/or Podbean (which is my hosting site). Subscribing and rating the podcast really does help not only me, the guests but you too as it allows me to continue to get more and more guests. Why is that? Because it shows potential guests the size and interaction of the audience.

In closing is there anything you’d like to see me blog about?

– Dave

Writer – Director – Producer- Podcaster

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