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The Hatred – Making a Movie from Idea to Lionsgate Distribution



Brief Intro

What if you could follow a movie from idea to getting distribution from Lionsgate?

I first met Michael Kehoe on Instagram (no, not on my trusty Twitter but I digress), and I had him on my podcast to discuss how he turned his short film, Hush, into the feature film, The Hatred.

The episode was extremely well received and now, The Hatred is ready for release on September 12th, 2017.  So now I’ve interviewed several members of the cast and crew and we went through the process of how they become involved with production.

If you’re a new filmmaker, curious about distribution, or just interesting in the whole process this entire post is for you.

Hush (short film) – This film won 1st place at the First Glance Film Festival

The Hatred ( trailer – which has over 27 MILLIONS views)

EP – 148 Michael Kehoe (Writing & Directing The Hatred)

I interview Michael back on EP 148, just as filming the Hatred finished. In this episode we chat about making the short film Hush, using Hush to get funding to make , The Hatred, and tons more.


Michael G Kehoe

— Official Site
— Twitter
— Instagram

EP 178 – John Connor (Cinematographer for The Hatred)

John Connor has worked with some of the biggest names in Hollywood including Quentin Tarantino, Tony Scott, David Fincher, and Alejandro G. Iñárritu to name a few as apart of the camera department.

We then go into discussing The Hatred and the approach John took on the film, and tons more (and yes, I do ask him about the Terminator 😉


Official Site

EP 179 – Shae Smolik (Acting in The Hatred)

Shae Smolik is a child actress, and plays the role of Irene in The Hatred.

We chat auditions, acting tips, how she got the role in The Hatred, and tons more.


Shae’s Reel


Des Moines Registar – 10-year-old girl is latest Iowan to make splash in Hollywood

EP 180 – Thomas Fleming (Post Production Supervisor on The Hatred)

Thomas Fleming is the Media Manager for Trancas International Films, and was the Post Production Supervisor on The Hatred.


EP 181 – Michael Trent (Editing The Hatred)

Michael Trent is an editor with over with over 40 credits including working as an assistant editor on, Saving Private Ryan, AI, and Catch Me If You Can. He’s  the editor for films like Joy Ride 3, The Marine 2, and The Hatred.



The Hatred on Blu Ray

The Hatred arrives on Blu Ray on Sept 12th, 2017.

The 20th Annual First Glance Film Festival

Want to meet up with Michael Kehoe and I?  We’ll both be at the 20th Annual First Glance Film Festival here in Philly. Buy your tickets here =>


Dave Bullis

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