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Episode 162 – Joe Kowalski (Story vs An Experience)





Joe Kowalski is a Cleveland, OH based filmmaker who recently made, ‘I am the Doorway’, a Stephen king Dollar Baby, and is hitting the film festival circuit with another film, Prism. This is Joe’s second time on the podcast and this time I didn’t mess up his name!

We chat making movies on a shoe string budget, how to dig through opportunties both good and bad, getting emails from stranger, and Story vs An Experience, and so much more!


Pre Show Notes

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Show Notes

Stephen King Dollar Baby short stories – Stories that Stephen King has allowed to be filmed by filmmakers for $1.


Colin – Feature length zombie film made for $50

Trailer for, ‘Prism’ – the latest film by Joe

Delco Film Festival

Mark Duplass: ‘There’s no excuse not to make films on weekends with friends’

Batman: Arkum VR – Video game which utilizes VR tech on the PS4 console


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