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Don Barris is 1/3 of the comedy trio, the Big 3. Don starred and produced in one of the best movies and comedies of all time, Windy City Heat, which is one of the most elaborate pranks ever pulled.  Don is currently the audience warm up for Jimmy Kimmel Live and he hosts, “the Ding Dong Show’, the longest running show at the World Famous Comedy Store every Monday Night at 10PM. If that wasn’t enough, Don hosts his own podcast, Simply Don the Podcast. We’re also joined by the producer of Simply Don the podcast, Mary Jane Green. 


Show Notes
— Watch, ‘Windy City Heat’ for FREE – Windy City Heat is a made for TV reality film produced by Comedy Central directed by Bobcat Goldthwait and starring “The Big 3” Perry Caramello, Don Barris, and Walter Molinski(Tony Barbieri).
The movie is presented as a practical joke being played on an aspiring actor named Perry Caravello, allegedly a gullible friend of Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla. Caravello believes he has been given a chance to make a movie called Windy City Heat, a crime drama about a “sports private eye” named “Stone Fury.” However, there is no such film; it is all an elaborate prank played on him by Kimmel and Carolla. Every actor, extra, or any other person who appears on the show was paid for by Jimmy Kimmel to add to the joke. The actual context of Windy City Heat is a behind-the-scenes look at the filmmaking process, which is really nothing more than a series of situations set up as pranks on Caravello, playing on his gullibility and naivete of the film industry.

Don Barris
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