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Dave is a writer, director, producer, and podcaster in the Philadelphia area.
He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business, and a certificate in Entrepreneurship from the University of Maryland.

Dave developed a passion for films and story telling at a young age. Dave has worked with NFL Films for a commercial with Ray Lewis and Tom Brady, contributed to Tim Burton’s, ‘Corpse Exquis’ social media storytelling project, and has appeared as an extra in the TV shows, “It’s Always Sunny in Philly’ and ‘Friday Night Lights’.

Some of Dave’s accomplishments and highlights include:



  • Dave’s TV pilot, ‘Game Over’ was the 1st project film at the new Sun Center Studios sound stages in Aston, PA. Later Dave pitched the show to NBC, and the gaming network G4 shortly before they closed.


  • Dave co-produced a zombie trailer, Charlie.


Charlie - Final Poster


  • Inspired by Quentin Tarantino’s Oscar speech, Dave co-founded the writers group, “First Draft Screenwriters Group,” which is based in Media, PA. In April 2015 Dave left the group to form a new screenwriters group.


Dave bullis podcast





  • He was then featured in another #1 Kindle Best Seller, ‘How to Podcast 2015’ as he wrote Chapter 4 – Making Digital Media



  •  Dave began working on a graphic novel based on the comedy of, ‘The Big 3’ comedy team.
  • In October, Dave won the 1st ever Robert McKee ‘STORY Cartoon Writing Contest’. In April 2016 for his grand prize, he’ll travel to New York to attend McKee’s legendary 3 day STORY seminar.


In March, Dave’s podcast celebrated its 100th episode.


  • Later that same month, Podbean named The Dave Bullis Podcast as their ‘Podcast of the Week’
  • In October, The Dave Bullis Podcast won the weekly Podern Family fan poll and was named, ‘Show of the Week’
  • In December The Dave Bullis Podcast was entered into the Robots Fighting Monkeys Podcast competition

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