Jenna Edwards is an award winning producer and produced the first narrative feature with Hulu. Jenna is on a mission to shift the independent film scene so that it is a thriving, viable option for artists and filmmakers, and to saturate the film industry with meaningful, creative, or fantastical films created by passion.

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— The Nice Guys on Blu Ray




Clarke Scott is an Australian writer, director, and commercial photographer. He just recently shot his first feature film, A Thousand Moments, currently in post production.

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— Brick
— A7S



— Clarke Scott

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Andy Goldenberg is an actor and filmmaker best known for his webseries, ‘Bad Timing‘, about an adorably awkward IT who guy finally gets a shot with the girl of his dreams – shortly after a zombie apocalypse. It’s THE WALKING DEAD, had it been written by a young Woody Allen.


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– The Worst Audition Ever from Brian Atene

DBP EP 120


Nicole Jones Dion is a writer, producer, and director known for Dracula: The Dark Prince,Tekken 2, the short horror film, Debris, and the upcoming film Stasis. 

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Nicole Jones Dion


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Dave Bullis

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Chris Jay is a musician, songwriter, producer, screenwriter, journalist,and actor best known as the front man and founder of the rock band, Army of Freshmen. Chris also co wrote and stars in the comedy film, The Bet, which is just released today, Tuesday July 26th, 2016.


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— Wanna get verified on Twitter? Hopefully you’ll have better luck than me
— Thanks to Todd Matthews and Kessler Komics for their Twitter questions
— So You Want to Start a Podcast – Article III – Newtworking (How to Find Guests)
— My article, ‘Beginners Guide to Crowdfunding‘ on Indie Film Hustle blog


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– The Bet – movie on iTunes
– Ryan Ederer – Director of, ‘The Bet’
Michael Gross – Actor known for ‘Family Ties‘ and ‘Tremors
Rowdy Roddy Piper – Pro Wrestler and Actor who passed suddenly in July 2015.


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Jennifer Grisanti is the writing instructor for Writers on the Verge, blogger for the Huffington Post, and she runs her own consultancy agency.


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— Banshee
— Borgen
— Friends


Jennifer Gristanti


You build your network one person at a time…

Okay, we’ve come this far. Right now you should have an idea of what kind of podcast you’re going to be doing, your format, you know how you’re going to interview guests (in studio, distant or both), you know what gear you need, and now it’s time to talk about how exactly you find guests for your podcast. (If your podcast is just you, you can skip this article.)

What networking is and What networking isn’t

Networking is not going to a networking and approaching everyone with an attitude of what they can do for you. This type of approach will quickly get you no where. If you’re at an event and someone contacts with you and IMMEDIATELY starts asking for a favor, RUN FOR THE HILLS. Seriously never do business with people like this. Additionally I’ve been to a lot of networking events where it’s quickly turned into a sales event, where small companies are trying to hook into big companies for contracts, and people hand out their business cards out like candy at Halloween. Much like that lone apple some person gives out each year it’s going to get lost in the shuffle then thrown away. And finally I’ve also seen some people who try to network but friend request everyone they can on Facebook. This is not networking, it’s what I call ‘headhunting’. Friend requesting people to add them to your list is utterly meaningless and doesn’t do anything for anyone.

Networking is about bringing value to people and figuring what you can do for them. Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook aka Give, Give, Give, Ask.

Building Your Network


  • Diversify your network. When networking people try to keep the same type of person, meaning if they’re a cinematographer they have a lot of friends who are cinematographers. Writers tend to have other writers in their network.
  • Have people who are positive. Negative and needy people will lump all of their problems onto you.
  • Don’t discriminate with your potential network. Whether it’s a multi millionaire or high school student, don’t say no… unless of course they’re crazy.

Inside Your Network

Obviously these are the people you already know. BUT just because you’re both familiar with each other doesn’t mean you can approach them for a favor.

  1. I break people in my network into two groups, hot and cold. Cold are the people you haven’t talked to in awhile. Hot is the people who you talk to at least once every 3 months.
    1. Don’t worry if you have too many contacts that are ‘cold’, this isn’t crowdfunding and most people actually like the concept of being a guest on a podcast.
  2. Also just because you have a ton of Linked In connections doesn’t mean you have a deep network. Social media numbers are always quality over quantity.

Outside Your Network

  1. Radio Guest List
  2. Meet-Up 
    1. Find a local group you can join.
  3. Social Media
    1. Twitter
    2. Linked In
    3. Facebook Groups
      1. Talk to the admin of a FB group and talk to them (privately)
  4. People promoting their project
    1. Crowdfunding
    2. New Book/Album/Movie/,etc
  5. Other online boards
    1. Just be careful or else you will end up in a bath tub of ice with a missing kidney (I’m looking at your Craig’s List).


How to Approach People to be on Your Podcast

  • Approach people directly and privately. It needs to feel special.
    • Tell them WHY you want to interview them
    • Tell them how long the podcast will be
    • How you record (in person or via Skype)
  • There’s a lot of value for approaching someone to be your first guest. Maybe make this your mentor or someone you admire.
  • No Tom Cruise isn’t going to do your podcast. Don’t aim for celebrities right out of the gate.

Other resources:


Where To Now?

So you’ve gotten someone to agree to be on your podcast. CONGRATS! Next week I’ll be back to chat how to interview your guest to make the most of both of your time.



Rob Dimension is a filmmaker and actor who’s successfully crowdfunded his last three films. 

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– Jake Stetler  – Thanks for the 5 star review on iTunes, Jake!
– My practice graphic novel’s first four issues are now up for FREE to download. Go here -> A Scary Perry Christmas
SP issue #1
– PewDiePie – #1 Youtuber in the world
– Rob Schab – Lego 2 director
– Tim & Eric – Comedy Duo
– CZW – Combat Zone Wrestling


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Sgt. Pacifico is now retired after serving 22-years of active duty in the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department. He now operates his training and consulting firm full time along with teaching criminal justice courses and writing his own set of Writer’s Guides to Law Enforcement, the first in the edition being the Writers’ Guide to Homicide.


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Sgt Derek Pacifico